Each week, owner of Stone Hollow Farmstead, Deborah Stone will offer a behind-the-scenes look at life on the farm, in hopes of sharing the entire journey of our farm to your table.

With tomato season at its peak, we are at full throttle cooking and canning these beautiful heirlooms. Farmer Hab's tomatoes go into our bloody marys, and we have to get 'em while the goings good. We can them to stock up for when they're out of season. Members will likely get a jar during the off season to get them through! We will have our Marys at the Garden and Gun VIP tent at Southern Makers next weekend at Sloss Furnace.

Winding down the goat milking season, the girls are now being milked once a day instead of twice. We are a week or so out of the beginning of their breeding season. As the days get shorter, so will their activity. We will also see a major reduction of eggs from the hens, ducks, and turkeys. The time that would have otherwise been spent milking and egg gathering by our team will be freed up to help plant the fall garden. We've been busy planning layout and acquiring seeds. We hope to have some good weather deep into the fall that makes up for the dragged out drought of last year. A chilly winter will make it all worth it and help out the poppies and ranunculuses. 


A complete list of what's in the bag for this week.

  • Eggplant - Owl's Hollow Farm / Gadsden, Alabama
  • Butterhead lettuce - Owl's Hollow Farm / Gadsden, Alabama
  • Red Cabbage - Owl's Hollow Farm / Gadsden, Alabama
  • Bell Peppers - Owl's Hollow Farm / Gadsden, Alabama
  • Heirloom Tomatoes - Habersham Farm / Mentone, Alabama
  • Carmen Peppers - Mt. Laurel Farm / Mt. Laurel, Alabama
  • Shishito Peppers - Jones Valley Teaching Farm / Birmingham, Alabama
  • Okra - Southern Foothills Farm / Oneonta, Alabama
  • Fresh Pinto Beans - Cullman County, Alabama
  • Peaches - Chilton County, Alabama
  • Deep Summer Bouquet - Stone Hollow / Harpersville, Alabama


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